State of Kansas – Division of Printing

State of Kansas DA


The Division of Printing, of the Kansas Department of Administration, provides graphic design services, pre-press, printing, reproduction, binding, finishing and mailing services to the Kansas legislature, courts and other divisions.

Since the 1990’s, their page composition tool of choice has been the Penta/PubLink system. Starting from Word or, previously, WordPerfect, the documents are sent through pagination, using proven formats, straight to PDF. Edits and adjustments are easily made, and turnaround time to final pages is minimal. In this way the staff produces in-session bills for the legislature, Kansas legislation books, court case books, weekly registers, and the annual Kansas Administrative Regs book.


State of Kansas – Division of Printing
201 NW MacVicar Road
Topeka KS, 66606-2499

tel: +1-785-296-3631
fax: +1-785-291-3770

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