PubLink supplies page make-up solutions to the publishing industry.

Our full-featured software products address the printed-page and e-publishing needs of a very wide range of publication styles. PubLink's tools are especially valued for scientific, educational and trade books, academic journals, directories, catalogs, legislative proceedings, and legal books and periodicals... Learn more
  • We have continued to use PubLink, a high-end batch typesetting system. Whenever we take over production of a job previously typeset in Quark or InDesign, our customers are amazed at the speed with which we produce pages.

    David Lewis, President of DLXML

  • The Division of Printing has found that once the page position and layout are set up, our books can be worked with minimal prep from year to year. The pagination is especially fast and reliable in processing our legal books.

    Debbie Welton and Laurie Varner, Division of Printing, St of Kansas

  • Hands down, the best professional typesetting and pre-press production system out there. And you can quote me on that.

    Gerry Burnett, Sys Admin, New York Legal Publishing

  • CCC has been using the Publink system for >20 years to produce 100,000s of pages each year. It provides powerful and fine-grained typographical control that makes creating large, precise, and design-rich publications easy and at a cost effective rate.

    Linda Rowe, Computer Composition of Canada

  • We’ve used Penta/PubLink to set scholarly journals for 16 years. Integrating our PubLink system with our XML editor enabled us to cut days from our production schedule. In-house control has been especially beneficial to our math-heavy and complex-layout journals.

    Rick Schoen, University of Chicago Press

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Publink developer wears Vasont hat too!

PubLink’s partner relationship with Vasont Systems was further strengthened when our chief XML and custom-applications developer Deanna Vezina took on a second hat, working for Vasont as well as PubLink. At Vasont, Dee develops customer-specific applications for importing and exporting …

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Publink is certified partner of Vasont

PubLink Llc is a certified partner of Vasont Systems, who provide content management software and solutions for dynamic publishing to any media channel. They also offer Enterprise, Hosted, DITA and XML content management systems. As a partner, we provide printed-page …

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