XML Publisher

Liberate your XML content

A PubLink system’s power is most evident with XML content. XMLPublisher is a native XML text formatter which uses a document’s markup to directly drive the page composition. The program offers easily-comprehended solutions for complex XML composition issues.


XMLPublisher works with the native XML all the way through the publishing cycle so you can be assured that your XML is valid and intact.


Hundreds of pages can be produced in a matter of seconds, with typographic excellence.


XMLPublisher can be fully automated for a “hands-off” approach. The secret is a comprehensive feature set with pre-defined rules, styles and priority tables. You design page master layouts, specify your preferences and priorities for vertical spacing, page breaking, footnotes, tables, figures and side notes. Sit back and watch XMLPublisher do the rest.


The PubLink system can be easily scripted, by us or you, into customized workflows. The ability comes largely from the open straight-text-based architecture.

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XML Publisher

A PubLink system’s power is most evident with XML content. XMLPublisher is …

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