What is EditMaster?

EditMaster provides the ability to create and edit text. It is tightly integrated with PubLink’s application programs. It is based on the Unix X-windows environment and runs on the workstation or any attached X-client PC or Mac.

Why Use EditMaster?

The DeskTopPro allows the capture of text created by popular word processing programs, from XML/SGML documents, and from databases. After the text is captured, EditMaster provides the following benefits:

  • Inexpensive PCs can be used.
  • Once the text has been imported, the use of EditMaster eliminates conversion concerns during the change and correction cycles.
  • EditMaster provides quicker editing tools than other word processing programs.
  • EditMaster is coupled to the H&J engine providing feedback with actual line endings and justification results.

What Productivity Benefits Can Be Expected?

Because EditMaster is PubLink’s own editor, it is seamlessly integrated with DeskTopPro. This offers many advantages:

  • Conversion concerns between the editing and processing environments have been eliminated.
  • The user does not need to switch from program to program during the publishing process.
  • EditMaster is used on the Unix network to give a high speed, multi-user work environment.
  • EditMaster can be used to control processing including routing of files to network peripherals, starting production processes and remaking of pages.
  • EditMaster provides access to all system functions.

What Editorial Features Does EditMaster Offer?

Editorial staff using EditMaster have the same type of access as production personnel. Some of EditMaster’s capabilities are highly suited to the Editorial environment. These include:

  • Copy fitting – Working without a wysiwyg preview, the editor will get feedback indicating how many lines long or short their article is.
  • The editor can trigger rejustification of corrected material from the edit screen, spot short lines and review other style issues.
  • The editor can remake pages.
  • The use of color can be created and verified.
  • Ability to measure copy depth.
  • Ability to examine word spacing, letter spacing, and indent on each line, with problem lines flagged.
  • 99 memory keys.
  • 99 macro keys.
  • On-screen search and replace.
  • Split screen capability to work on two files at the same time.
  • Automatic and pinpoint scrolling.
  • Page and galley preview, using DesignMaster on the same PCPro or MacPro editing station.
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