Selected Publink client profiles

  • We have continued to use PubLink, a high-end batch typesetting system. Whenever we take over production of a job previously typeset in Quark or InDesign, our customers are amazed at the speed with which we produce pages.

    David Lewis, President of DLXML

  • The Division of Printing has found that once the page position and layout are set up, our books can be worked with minimal prep from year to year. The pagination is especially fast and reliable in processing our legal books.

    Debbie Welton and Laurie Varner, Division of Printing, St of Kansas

  • Hands down, the best professional typesetting and pre-press production system out there. And you can quote me on that.

    Gerry Burnett, Sys Admin, New York Legal Publishing

  • CCC has been using the Publink system for >20 years to produce 100,000s of pages each year. It provides powerful and fine-grained typographical control that makes creating large, precise, and design-rich publications easy and at a cost effective rate.

    Linda Rowe, Computer Composition of Canada

  • We’ve used Penta/PubLink to set scholarly journals for 16 years. Integrating our PubLink system with our XML editor enabled us to cut days from our production schedule. In-house control has been especially beneficial to our math-heavy and complex-layout journals.

    Rick Schoen, University of Chicago Press

Computer Composition of Canada

Computer Composition of Canada is a publishing services company offering editorial production, creative and graphic design services, and digital development support to publishing industry professionals and novices alike. Whether you are an author looking to self-publish, an organization in need of an annual report, or a publishing house looking for production workflow support, CCC has the expertise and resources to deliver your content, your way.

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RefineCatch was formed in 1996 by a group of highly experienced typesetters, and has held a prominent position in the typesetting industry ever since. RefineCatch bought the database-specialists DLxml in 2017, continuing strong relationships with clients and suppliers alike.

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State of Kansas - Division of Printing

The Division of Printing provides graphic design services, pre-press, printing, reproduction, binding, finishing and mailing services to the Kansas legislature, courts and other divisions.

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University of Chicago Press

The Journals Division of the University of Chicago Press produces and distributes more than 50 journals and hardcover serials, presenting original research from international scholars in the social sciences, humanities, education, biological and medical sciences, and physical sciences.

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Publink products

Autotab & Tabular

Tabular has been a long- time favorite of Penta and PubLink users …

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ColorMaster is a part of PubLink’s DeskTopPro family of programs. It provides …

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DesignMaster is our interactive page makeup program that uses a Unix windows …

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EditMaster provides the ability to create and edit text. It is tightly …

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Graphics can be merged into a document in a variety of ways. …

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KernMaster is an innovative program which produces the highest quality character spacing …

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MasterPage is a high-speed full-capability book publishing product. It is part of …

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MathMaster is a tried and proven professional mathematical composition module that uses …

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PostScript Output Module

While the rest of the pre-press system vendors were clinging to proprietary …

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QualiType is a workstation-resident Hyphenation and Justification program offering high speed processing …

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XML Publisher

A PubLink system’s power is most evident with XML content. XMLPublisher is …

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